Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random conversation

[*******]: can I getz Gsf please?
To [*******]: I dont know, how much NCU do you have free?
[*******]: 100:)
To [*******]: Hmm, let me check, second please
To [*******]: NCU cost: 48
To [*******]: So you can, definately
[*******]: yep:)
To [*******]: ohh .. wait
To [*******]: you want me to cast it on you right?!?!
To [*******]: <-- slow
[*******]: lol thanks!
To [*******]: There you go, have a nice day
[*******]: take it ez:))

Monday, August 10, 2009

Between a rock and a hardass

Adonis hecklers?? At level 217??
Heck yes! Makes me feel uber!

[******]: .... (AFK reply sent)
[******]: spot is taken (AFK reply sent)
To [******]: we are here 20-30minutes already
[******]: not rly
[******]: that is our 3rd run ...
To [******]: not rly
[******]: yes rly
[******]: not my fault that you didnt check whole spot
To [******]: not my fault that you werent here for 20-30 minutes my friend
[******]: can you read ?
To [******]: whatsthat
[******]: i already wrote that we were here for 3 runs, and not my fault that you dont know how to check spots
To [******]: well not my fault that you take 3hours for one run
[******]: yes not your fault, you could check it anyway
To [******]: lol blablabla
[******]: are you retard?
[******]: that you have to use blablablaadkfhasfasf?
To [******]: Thank you for displaying your true colors, no im not retarded
[******]: [Phixels]: lol blablabla
[******]: yes, its me that caouldnt say simple sorry
[******]: gl anyway, cya
To [******]: Well your appology is accepted my friend, all water under the bridge
[******]: yes, you are reatarded as i tought
[******]: take care
To [******]: mind if I add this chat to my blog, after i remove your name ofc
****** is offline, message has been buffered.