Sunday, March 29, 2009

Galway Castle

A fellow Rubi-Ka'an pointed me to the mini-city in Galway County. It is a mini version of the Galway Castle a brisk walk east of it. In the first picture you see me lying in front of the estate of Galway Castle.

The next picture is of the real -toon-sized- Galway Castle a ways to the east. As you can see im very small comared to the first picture. At first glance the two pictures dont have much in common. However a closer look identifies the three rhino-heads coming out of the ground on each picture. As you can also see the wall walks the same way on both pictures.
What I find it very intruiging is that mini and realsized castle are not an exact copy. Maybe the mini castle was made as a test to see how the buildings would compare to eachother size-wise and the realsized castle was built with the new insights discovered that way. Who knows ...
Thank you Frequent Flyer for the tip!
Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out of office

Im sorry I have been caught up in the rolling QL 200 missions flue. I cannot stop rolling them at the moment. All these shiny and beautifull things like
  • Hacked Boosted-Graft: Feet of Stone
  • Hacked Boosted-Graft: Lesser Deflection Shield (Extended)
  • Triplers
  • M150 DeLuxe Booster Edition
  • 64 NCU Memory
  • Flurry of Blows

The fun doesnt stop. I'll get back to making some nice pictures soon.

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bite (for) me!

Today I went exploring the nature reserve in the northwest of Galway County. It is a forested lake with many wooden walkways making it possible to travel in foot across the lake. Being used to the fact that lakes are usually wide, open spaces this is a beautifull and unique reserve.

The walkways are a nice way of enjoying the flora and fauna. After a few hours of hiking I took out my fishing-pole and found a nice calm area. Ahhh the relaxation, being away from the train that always keeps on rushing and rushing, the grind, the -have to's-, it was just what I needed. I even caught a fish, ofcourse I carefully released it from the hook and released it to it's natural habitat.
Yet again a most excelent day in the life of a fixer on Rubi-Ka.

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The fixer shop

Today I ran out of special bullets. It was in de middle of a Battle Station round, so right after I went to the Fixershop to get some more. You can see the shop in the bottom right corner, in the background you see some buildings of Borealis.
The fixershop is a short flight from Borealis, it can even be traveled on foot from Borealis. I believe that only fixers and traders have their own dedicated shops.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Today I treated myself to a new hooverboard. It's a simple model but I liked it. I treated myself to it to celebrate me getting full QL 300 ofab for social wear. It was an ordeal, but i managed it anyways. Having done that, what goal am I to set for myself now?? Have any suggestions? Please leave a comment. If it's something that appeals, I might go for it.

The picture was taken near the Pahsefront Vendor where I bought the board itself.

If you have any special Rubi-Ka scenery that you want to get in the spotlight, leave a message aswell. I'd be very surious what parts of Rubi-Ka I might not have seen.

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot momma - lava pools of Avalon

Today I made a trip to the lavapools of Avalon. In Avalon there are many lavapools, all equally hot. Due to the heat i decided to stay in my airconditioned vehicle (a Phasefront Wraith X2-45 - White). The view was excelent and the number of other tourists was acceptable, I even managed to take a picture of me alone in a wide lavapool with a lava-fall.
All in all a nice day on Rubi-Ka.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hope I dont miss the pool ...

Today I took out my bathing suit and towel and found the nearest pool. Me being a fixer, any pool is the nearest pool. I went to the Lush Hills Resort. After lounging a while by the pool the diving tower caught my attention. This diving tower must be the largest in the whole of Rubi-Ka. It is awesome, the view you have of the surroundings when you are at its top is breath-taking. The only part of the view is the way down :). None the less met my fears and jumped down, only once though. That was enough for me.

So whenever you are near Lush Hills Resort, i can recomend the pool and the diving tower.

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Battle Station Balance

Battle Station is about a balance. The balance I am referencing here is between opposing sides (obvious?). If that balance is out of whack too much then Battle Station rounds wont happen. In other words, if one side wins with too much of a difference the other side wont bother to show up next round.
So a little piece of advice, if one side has the round in its pocket, let the other side get some points aswell. You dont have to overdo it, but dont slaughter them. That will only make people think twice about going into Battle Station next round.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Those random /tell messages

Dont be discouraged by this chat, most of the time chats are nice and friendly.

[*******]: ncu please :)
To [*******]: sorry dont do ncu
[*******]: ... what..
[*******]: what do you mean you dont do ncu
To [*******]: As in I dont buff random people with NCU buffs
[*******]: you a wanker...
[*******]: you're
To [*******]: Well I think you are a decent person too
To [*******]: Having talked to you is rather numbing
[*******]: true
[*******]: im just amased why you wont buff somone when all you have to do is press 1 botten
To [*******]: It is button, and based on that you have determined that I am a wanker?
[*******]: pretty much, :D im just shitty
To [*******]: Well dont be too hard on yourself
[*******]: sorry for calling a wanker im just tired and shitty and not in the mood
To [*******]: Why I dont buff ncu is that its a crappy nano, and if i start buffing people with it, that would be 75% of my online time ... just buffing ncu

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

Monday, March 9, 2009

Battle Station

The game of Anarchy Online has a game mechanic called "Battle Station". This is a capture the flag game element. In this element the two opposing factions of the game "clan" and "omni" go up against eachother trying to get the most points. The points here are "Victory Points". For these points specific gear can be bought.

The game has one other faction called "Neutral". This faction is -as the name suggests- neutral. This neutrality isnt experienced by everyone as such, but more on that an other day.

For the Battle Station this means that a neutral can enter the queue of either faction. Well it so happens that I am such a neutral. The Battle Station is an important passtime for me in Anarchy Online. I make a sport out of it to enter the queue that has the shortest number of people in it. Most of the time this will also be the side that is not on a winning streak.

Since the number of people inside a Battle Station round should be the same for either side, when I enter the playfield someone of the other side, waiting in queue can enter aswell.

Battle Stations are divided based on the level of your character:

Terminal Locations

  • Levels 20-49 Borealis (Main gate).
  • Levels 50-74 Borealis (rear gate).
  • Levels 75-99 Newland (near whompas).
  • Levels 100-124 Newland (Near front gate).
  • Levels 125-149 Outside Newland.
  • Levels 150-174 Outside Newland.
  • Levels 175-199 ICC.
  • Levels 200-209 Unicorn Landing pad.
  • Levels 210-220 Unicorn Landing pad.
The Battle Station that you can find me at is the Levels 150-174. I am level 167.

Sunday, March 8, 2009



A first post should be about introducing yourself. Well, here goes. My name is Phixels, I am a proud inhabitant of the world of Rubi-Ka. Rubi-Ka is an online world. It is the world of the game of Anarchy Online. The game is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (in short MMORPG).

Of you would like to know more about Rubi-Ka or the game of Anarchy Online, I would like to refer you to the website of the game:

I spend my days doing all sorts of things. A main goal in my digital life is to make credits. Credits is the monetary unit on the world of Rubi-Ka. Making credits is not easy, it takes time and effort. As in the non-digital world making credits takes a disproportional amount of time and effort.

For my first post I believe I have disclosed enough of myself, I will leave it at this.

Signing off,

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme