Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Itchy Mochies

Phixels: D********** CM please
To [**********]: (10:42) Phixels: D********** CM please
[D**********]: i heard you.
To [D**********]: Can I meet you somewhere for that?
To [D**********]: Sir?
[D**********]: not without a time machine to 2006 when i deleted all mochams and composite mochams.
To [D**********]: uhuh, ok have a nice day. Hope there are some in this game you -are- friendly to :)
[D**********]: friendly has nothing to do with it. i dont have the nanos.
To [D**********]: As I said uhuh, well at least you gave me a laugh, thanks :)
[D**********]: if you want a reason, f********** spent an hour trying to convince me that my sole reason for existing was to give him cm.
[D**********]: i proved otherwise by recording the deletion of all relevant buffs in fraps and uploading it.
To [D**********]: And you didnt have the feeling that he got exactly what he wanted? ;)
[D**********]: i dont use cm. none of my alts use cm. none of my friends use cm. it had no lasting effect.
To [D**********]: What if i go out and buy it for you?
[D**********]: the delete button no longer exists.
[D**********]: i dont upload anything non-essential. on any toon.
To [D**********]: Well have fun, I hope you can still have some fun after that episode with that f*********dude
[D**********]: eh?
To [D**********]: I mean if someone can get to you like that that wasnt very stressless i bet
[D**********]: he didnt get to me at all. his position was wrong, i proved it with a few clicks. it then became a non issue. he whinged for about 6 months and quit the game.
[D**********]: although im sure i had nothing to do with the quitting part.
To [D**********]: Im guessing you are right :)
To [D**********]: Well, next time when you feel a bit more outgoing, maybe you'll give me a CM that time. Have fun and see you around! :)
[D**********]: erm, i dont have cm?
[D**********]: you do remember that part, right?
To [D**********]: Yes I did, I dont believe you tough
[D**********]: suit yourself.