Friday, November 19, 2010

Loot points

(19:51) To [cameloot]: mypoints
(19:51) [Cameloot]: Your points: 5

Monday, October 11, 2010


[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: you neut?
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Hello
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: hello
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: how come you spend time w clams?
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Err I spend time with whoever crosses my path, i am not biassed
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: right
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Would you like to spend some time with me?
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: if you wanna do tara i suggest you to join omni
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: sure why not
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: what do you wanna do
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Well maybe some time this week, was gonna watch new epsiode of TV-series
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: i dislike tv
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: am i missing some serious stuff?
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: well i tapesome episodes and then watch them at my own leasure
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: fair enough
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: im logging now, we have a talk later on i suppose
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: See you around ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

WTS - Nano Crystal (Ambient Regeneration) 100mil

[Neutnet4]: [Shopping] WTS - Nano Crystal (Ambient Regeneration) - 100mil - PST [Phixels]

[Customer1]: hey dude this nanos is cheap xD no mare than 10 mil xD
To [Customer1]: Hello, in fact its on gms for 1mil
To [Customer1]: but you can have it for 5mil?
[Customer1]: no thx my keeper in already 220 xD but it was just to inform you that you was over-prices
To [Customer1]: 4mil?
[Customer1]: i am not customer, just a friend who want inform you about real prices
To [Customer1]: So what are you saying? 3mil?

[Customer2]: Dude are u serious O.o
To [Customer2]: Hello?
[Customer2]: 100m for that nano - are u serious or drunk O.o
[Customer2]: i have 3 in the bank ......
To [Customer2]: So you dont want to buy it?
To [Customer2]: :/
[Customer2]: does any1 ......

[Customer3]: It's rollable....
To [Customer3]: Hello, im sorry?
[Customer3]: the nano you posted for 100m on neutnet.... it's rollable
To [Customer3]: Ah ok, you want it for half price?
[Customer3]: Nah, I'm 210 and using better. Rolled it myself... lol
To [Customer3]: Hmm, ok. If you find someone that wtb, can you direct them to me?
[Customer3]: I don't think I will, since those who can use it can roll it from an RK-mission-booth themselves

Ok, ok i get it, I'll put it in my bank!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

While ingame is down ...

I thought I'd check out my screenprints folder.
I found this picture and I have the nagging feeling that I made the picture to remember something.
Problem is I have no clue!

Do you have any idea where this is and what this could be related to?

Monday, July 5, 2010

ARG!! Hand over the phats now!!

So I've been looking to buy a Subspace Mesh for a while now.
Every once in a while someone gives me a tell like this:
[him]: i got one in stock Subspace Mesh, how many do you offer for that ?
I then go like
[me]: Hello there, cool. Do you have a price in mind?
We then spar a bit and i give him a decent price of around 200/175m.
After that they -all- tell me something like
[him]: Hmm on second thought i'll just keep it for a friend or something.
Me being curious i always ask
[me]: What price would you have sold it for?
Then the cat comes out of the bag, they never really intended to sell it anyway...

ARG!! Hand over the phats now!!
(and yes ive killed LH / RH a few times myself aswell)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I dont have a dog! The density of some ...

[Random_person]: Hi
To [Random_person]: hello
[Random_person]: uwant to buy nano program?
To [Random_person]: yes i do
[Random_person]: offer!
To [Random_person]: Well ...
To [Random_person]: gms prices are insane. I can offer you 35m but that is my maximum
To [Random_person]: what do you reckon
[Random_person]: well you want l have, 35m is nowhere near what lm asking so no deal lm afraid gl in getting it for 35m, l mean that sincerely
To [Random_person]: see you around and have fun
[Random_person]: yup you too
To [Random_person]: oh and by the way you didnt "ask" for anything
[Random_person]: ?
To [Random_person]: You said you had an asking price but you didnt. You asked for an offer
[Random_person]: well since 35m was your maximum offer and l want alot more, was no point in negoitiating imo
To [Random_person]: agreed, regardless you cant refer to an asking price that is not there
[Random_person]: well l asked you to make offer, your offer was fasr too low either way result is no deal
To [Random_person]: agreed though grammatically my point stands
[Random_person]: no it doesnt, l ask you to make an offer you did, it didnt meet the price l wanted to sell for
To [Random_person]: agreed, however "the asking price" you are referring to has never been a reality
[Random_person]: plus l didnt send WTS message, so whats ur point?
To [Random_person]: Well my point is that this conversation was never about my dog so i am not evolving him into my conversation
[Random_person]: wewhatever mate, you wanted to buy, l ask u to make offer, ur offer was way too low end of!
To [Random_person]: of?!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

No hecklers around = KITE SPOT, MOVE OUT!

I was all excited and stuff, we were killing hecklers around the bay below the entrance to elysium. That is not and never was a kite area btw ... We got trained horribly by some doc outside tanking. He must have seen us, he just blew right through us. In the end he said sorry, so we move on :).

To [Some220Doc]: ??
[Some220Doc]: kite spot
To [Some220Doc]: no it is not
[Some220Doc]: yes it is when you see no heck around you
To [Some220Doc]: we were just killing one at 50%, i had two mezzed, you telling me there were no hecklers?
[Some220Doc]: near sh
To [Some220Doc]: i dont mind you ost, ive done it before, but if you see lowish people you turn back
[Some220Doc]: i can't control heckler
To [Some220Doc]: you can turn back
[Some220Doc]: if anyone hit one have aggro i can't do nothing
[Some220Doc]: no the heck go on you
To [Some220Doc]: you should have turned back before you reached is
[Some220Doc]: i can just ch for try aggro heck
To [Some220Doc]: oh you wanted to steal our hecklers??
To [Some220Doc]: the three we already engaged?
To [Some220Doc]: a simple sorry will do here btw ...
[Some220Doc]: so sorry
To [Some220Doc]: thank you
To [Some220Doc]: btw the way you let the nt nuke from the bridge is an exploit (i will not petition it btw)

So what is the most important lesson we have learned here?
If there are no hecklers around you, then you must be in a kite spot. So MOVE OUT ASAP!