Thursday, February 4, 2010

I dont have a dog! The density of some ...

[Random_person]: Hi
To [Random_person]: hello
[Random_person]: uwant to buy nano program?
To [Random_person]: yes i do
[Random_person]: offer!
To [Random_person]: Well ...
To [Random_person]: gms prices are insane. I can offer you 35m but that is my maximum
To [Random_person]: what do you reckon
[Random_person]: well you want l have, 35m is nowhere near what lm asking so no deal lm afraid gl in getting it for 35m, l mean that sincerely
To [Random_person]: see you around and have fun
[Random_person]: yup you too
To [Random_person]: oh and by the way you didnt "ask" for anything
[Random_person]: ?
To [Random_person]: You said you had an asking price but you didnt. You asked for an offer
[Random_person]: well since 35m was your maximum offer and l want alot more, was no point in negoitiating imo
To [Random_person]: agreed, regardless you cant refer to an asking price that is not there
[Random_person]: well l asked you to make offer, your offer was fasr too low either way result is no deal
To [Random_person]: agreed though grammatically my point stands
[Random_person]: no it doesnt, l ask you to make an offer you did, it didnt meet the price l wanted to sell for
To [Random_person]: agreed, however "the asking price" you are referring to has never been a reality
[Random_person]: plus l didnt send WTS message, so whats ur point?
To [Random_person]: Well my point is that this conversation was never about my dog so i am not evolving him into my conversation
[Random_person]: wewhatever mate, you wanted to buy, l ask u to make offer, ur offer was way too low end of!
To [Random_person]: of?!