Friday, August 26, 2016

Fatpower rocks (for remembering my blog, even I didnt!)

Today I was preparing for one of my alts to get an inferno key (organizations are real families in this game). I was loitering - an hour early - when up came an other team of goons. They were gonna do the Inferno key quests too and had a free spot. Me doing the quest earlier would imply that someone else would be able to get the quest too an hour later. So the choice was easily made. I got my alt an inferno key. Thank you Fatpower, Tron404, Oosny, Johtajatar and Meesny for the key! And why post this long after the last post I did, you ask? Well Fatpower remembered my blog from that time! I thought that was very cool! Thanks again guys 'n dolls!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta love some people

(21:10) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: Any ado heckler teams going that has a spot?
(21:11) [Clan OOC] Docsyla: yes. se-s and se-n
(21:12) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: welp im on lft :D
(21:12) [Clan OOC] Docsyla: full
(21:12) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: so you didnt read my question
(21:13) [Clan OOC] Docsyla: and now i will never inv u
(21:13) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: lol
(21:13) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: Well I love you too

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WTB set of QL 200 imps - name your price

[**********]: howmuxch u pay
To [**********]: Name your price please
[**********]: i dont know
To [**********]: 500k*13=6.5m ill give you 10mil for a full set
[**********]: sorry that too low for me
To [**********]: well then back to:
To [**********]: To [**********]: Name your price please
[**********]: ill take 2m for 1 imp
To [**********]: "[**********]: i dont know"
[**********]: sometimes ppl offer mire
To [**********]: Well I dont like people that lie to me
[**********]: lie? ok leave it
To [**********]: Well you told me "I dont know" but you knew
[**********]: i always take offer first
To [**********]: well that would have sounded a lot better then "I dont know"
[**********]: man leave me alone >_<

Friday, January 28, 2011

AI ding 30

(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: G
(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: R
(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: A
(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: T
(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: Z
(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: O
(18:58) [Tommyverceti]: R

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011


To [Onuym]: Omg that is extremely annoying
[Onuym]: what??
To [Onuym]: adding newlines after each of your items
[Onuym]: yes
[Onuym]: where you ??
To [Onuym]: What?
[Onuym]: nano??
To [Onuym]: Just dont add newlines after each item its spam

Friday, November 19, 2010

Loot points

(19:51) To [cameloot]: mypoints
(19:51) [Cameloot]: Your points: 5