Friday, October 2, 2009

do you fight on clan side at towers?

[*********]: do you fight on clan side at towers?
To [*********]: Hello, I dont do towers/war
To [*********]: How are you today?
[*********]: im good yourself/
[*********]: ?*
To [*********]: Ok doing ok
To [*********]: Why do you ask about towers?
[*********]: someone said you had joined clan****
To [*********]: Who is that?
[*********]: S******
To [*********]: I mean clan****
[*********]: thats the clan tower bot is it not?
To [*********]: ah level 6 adv, so bot?
To [*********]: S******27 doesnt exist btw
[*********]: "S*******27" (Level 60/5 - Newcomer, Neuter Atrox Enforcer, Clan, Unit Member of **** ******) :: click for more options
that guy
To [*********]: ah with an R
[*********]: yeah sorry
To [*********]: :D
To [*********]: I cant say i ever met the toon
To [*********]: Have we met btw?
[*********]: ive dueled him
[*********]: hm no we havent, ive bought some of your NCU's before
To [*********]: ah cool :)
To [*********]: Do you participate in towers? Ive never had a liking to it.
[*********]: yes i killed a site yesterday and one on wednesday, i had a clan CT nearly dead but x2 traders and an enf got me
To [*********]: You do it often?
To [*********]: and you still PvM?
[*********]: yes i have a 220 sol and 220 mp for that:)
To [*********]: im very happy that there is a large PvM part in this game ;)
[*********]: you might recognise my agent (*agent_name*)
To [*********]: Hmm you do TL5 BS? Ive done a lot of that in the past :)
[*********]: yeah i did for a while
To [*********]: i ran around there like a headless chicken full evades and rooting and snaring :) i got lots of hate tells from both sides :)
[*********]: lol
To [*********]: always entering the shortest queue :D
[*********]: omni dosent do it often now:(
To [*********]: well it will come again, everything is in waves, ups and downs :)
To [*********]: reading the war spam omni is investing in towerwars lately :)
[*********]: yep
[*********]: anyway im logging onto my sol, nice talking to you:)
To [*********]: Yes, chat you later ******* :)