Monday, October 11, 2010


[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: you neut?
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Hello
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: hello
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: how come you spend time w clams?
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Err I spend time with whoever crosses my path, i am not biassed
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: right
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Would you like to spend some time with me?
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: if you wanna do tara i suggest you to join omni
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: sure why not
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: what do you wanna do
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: Well maybe some time this week, was gonna watch new epsiode of TV-series
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: i dislike tv
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: am i missing some serious stuff?
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: well i tapesome episodes and then watch them at my own leasure
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: fair enough
[SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: im logging now, we have a talk later on i suppose
To [SomeNiceGuyAfterATara]: See you around ;)