Saturday, January 2, 2010

No hecklers around = KITE SPOT, MOVE OUT!

I was all excited and stuff, we were killing hecklers around the bay below the entrance to elysium. That is not and never was a kite area btw ... We got trained horribly by some doc outside tanking. He must have seen us, he just blew right through us. In the end he said sorry, so we move on :).

To [Some220Doc]: ??
[Some220Doc]: kite spot
To [Some220Doc]: no it is not
[Some220Doc]: yes it is when you see no heck around you
To [Some220Doc]: we were just killing one at 50%, i had two mezzed, you telling me there were no hecklers?
[Some220Doc]: near sh
To [Some220Doc]: i dont mind you ost, ive done it before, but if you see lowish people you turn back
[Some220Doc]: i can't control heckler
To [Some220Doc]: you can turn back
[Some220Doc]: if anyone hit one have aggro i can't do nothing
[Some220Doc]: no the heck go on you
To [Some220Doc]: you should have turned back before you reached is
[Some220Doc]: i can just ch for try aggro heck
To [Some220Doc]: oh you wanted to steal our hecklers??
To [Some220Doc]: the three we already engaged?
To [Some220Doc]: a simple sorry will do here btw ...
[Some220Doc]: so sorry
To [Some220Doc]: thank you
To [Some220Doc]: btw the way you let the nt nuke from the bridge is an exploit (i will not petition it btw)

So what is the most important lesson we have learned here?
If there are no hecklers around you, then you must be in a kite spot. So MOVE OUT ASAP!