Monday, September 13, 2010

WTS - Nano Crystal (Ambient Regeneration) 100mil

[Neutnet4]: [Shopping] WTS - Nano Crystal (Ambient Regeneration) - 100mil - PST [Phixels]

[Customer1]: hey dude this nanos is cheap xD no mare than 10 mil xD
To [Customer1]: Hello, in fact its on gms for 1mil
To [Customer1]: but you can have it for 5mil?
[Customer1]: no thx my keeper in already 220 xD but it was just to inform you that you was over-prices
To [Customer1]: 4mil?
[Customer1]: i am not customer, just a friend who want inform you about real prices
To [Customer1]: So what are you saying? 3mil?

[Customer2]: Dude are u serious O.o
To [Customer2]: Hello?
[Customer2]: 100m for that nano - are u serious or drunk O.o
[Customer2]: i have 3 in the bank ......
To [Customer2]: So you dont want to buy it?
To [Customer2]: :/
[Customer2]: does any1 ......

[Customer3]: It's rollable....
To [Customer3]: Hello, im sorry?
[Customer3]: the nano you posted for 100m on neutnet.... it's rollable
To [Customer3]: Ah ok, you want it for half price?
[Customer3]: Nah, I'm 210 and using better. Rolled it myself... lol
To [Customer3]: Hmm, ok. If you find someone that wtb, can you direct them to me?
[Customer3]: I don't think I will, since those who can use it can roll it from an RK-mission-booth themselves

Ok, ok i get it, I'll put it in my bank!!