Sunday, February 6, 2011

WTB set of QL 200 imps - name your price

[**********]: howmuxch u pay
To [**********]: Name your price please
[**********]: i dont know
To [**********]: 500k*13=6.5m ill give you 10mil for a full set
[**********]: sorry that too low for me
To [**********]: well then back to:
To [**********]: To [**********]: Name your price please
[**********]: ill take 2m for 1 imp
To [**********]: "[**********]: i dont know"
[**********]: sometimes ppl offer mire
To [**********]: Well I dont like people that lie to me
[**********]: lie? ok leave it
To [**********]: Well you told me "I dont know" but you knew
[**********]: i always take offer first
To [**********]: well that would have sounded a lot better then "I dont know"
[**********]: man leave me alone >_<