Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta love some people

(21:10) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: Any ado heckler teams going that has a spot?
(21:11) [Clan OOC] Docsyla: yes. se-s and se-n
(21:12) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: welp im on lft :D
(21:12) [Clan OOC] Docsyla: full
(21:12) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: so you didnt read my question
(21:13) [Clan OOC] Docsyla: and now i will never inv u
(21:13) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: lol
(21:13) [Clan OOC] Playmobil: Well I love you too

1 comment:

  1. *Poke poke*


    Rise! Rise from the dead! I command you! :P

    (More seriously, a name triggered a memory of this blog then someone else managed to necro it on the forums, so it did leave an impression.)