Sunday, July 12, 2009

Close to home

I could not deny you this scenery.

Not long ago I acquired my first home. The appeal of a cardboard box faded long ago. As soon as I had saved up the credits for an appartment I went looking for one. Not soon after I found the best appartment one could ever crave. Its location is very central, all it actually needs is a centrally located entrypoint (e.g. entry from the grid). Its interior includes a flatscreen tv, a hottub, a huge bed, great kitchen/bar/diningroom. The centerpiece of the appartment though is the japanese garden looking out into space. Entering the garden one is stunned at its beauty. The picture speaks for itself.

Once in a while a spaceship travels past. A visual treat without the troubles of decibels (sound doesnt travel through a vacuum).

If you ever want a tour, just /tell me up and I will try to free some time for you.

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  1. Hey keep it up, I really like what your doing here!

    - Heresiarch