Sunday, March 29, 2009

Galway Castle

A fellow Rubi-Ka'an pointed me to the mini-city in Galway County. It is a mini version of the Galway Castle a brisk walk east of it. In the first picture you see me lying in front of the estate of Galway Castle.

The next picture is of the real -toon-sized- Galway Castle a ways to the east. As you can see im very small comared to the first picture. At first glance the two pictures dont have much in common. However a closer look identifies the three rhino-heads coming out of the ground on each picture. As you can also see the wall walks the same way on both pictures.
What I find it very intruiging is that mini and realsized castle are not an exact copy. Maybe the mini castle was made as a test to see how the buildings would compare to eachother size-wise and the realsized castle was built with the new insights discovered that way. Who knows ...
Thank you Frequent Flyer for the tip!
Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

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  1. That's pretty cool. I never realized that the mini Castle area was that different from the actual Castle area. It would be interesting to find out why the smaller one was constructed and placed where it is.

    I think the Rubi Ka Tourism Board should make a tourist quest to the two locations and fill us in on the history of the two places.