Monday, March 9, 2009

Battle Station

The game of Anarchy Online has a game mechanic called "Battle Station". This is a capture the flag game element. In this element the two opposing factions of the game "clan" and "omni" go up against eachother trying to get the most points. The points here are "Victory Points". For these points specific gear can be bought.

The game has one other faction called "Neutral". This faction is -as the name suggests- neutral. This neutrality isnt experienced by everyone as such, but more on that an other day.

For the Battle Station this means that a neutral can enter the queue of either faction. Well it so happens that I am such a neutral. The Battle Station is an important passtime for me in Anarchy Online. I make a sport out of it to enter the queue that has the shortest number of people in it. Most of the time this will also be the side that is not on a winning streak.

Since the number of people inside a Battle Station round should be the same for either side, when I enter the playfield someone of the other side, waiting in queue can enter aswell.

Battle Stations are divided based on the level of your character:

Terminal Locations

  • Levels 20-49 Borealis (Main gate).
  • Levels 50-74 Borealis (rear gate).
  • Levels 75-99 Newland (near whompas).
  • Levels 100-124 Newland (Near front gate).
  • Levels 125-149 Outside Newland.
  • Levels 150-174 Outside Newland.
  • Levels 175-199 ICC.
  • Levels 200-209 Unicorn Landing pad.
  • Levels 210-220 Unicorn Landing pad.
The Battle Station that you can find me at is the Levels 150-174. I am level 167.

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