Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bite (for) me!

Today I went exploring the nature reserve in the northwest of Galway County. It is a forested lake with many wooden walkways making it possible to travel in foot across the lake. Being used to the fact that lakes are usually wide, open spaces this is a beautifull and unique reserve.

The walkways are a nice way of enjoying the flora and fauna. After a few hours of hiking I took out my fishing-pole and found a nice calm area. Ahhh the relaxation, being away from the train that always keeps on rushing and rushing, the grind, the -have to's-, it was just what I needed. I even caught a fish, ofcourse I carefully released it from the hook and released it to it's natural habitat.
Yet again a most excelent day in the life of a fixer on Rubi-Ka.

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

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