Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lawnmower man

A friend told me about the handywork of a very creative lawnmower man. I even suspect my friend is this lawnmower man himself, however I have no proof of this.

What is the handywork about? Well on the side a hill in Upper Stret East Bank you can find the Anarchy Online logo en-mowed in the grass. How this was engineerd I do not know, as the hillside in question is quite steep. The only way I can imagine is that someone methodically lowered himself from a rope down the hill having a hand-mower at the ready.
Well, how ever this person engineered this, you have my admiration. Come out and tell us who you are!
Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme


  1. I love all the small details they have put into the game! :-)