Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brb bio

Well, lets be honest ... who hasnt been on the road and was caught off guard in the peeing department? I have been many times. The other day I was traveling through The Longest Road and oh boy they werent kidding, that must be the longest road i've ever seen. This took me unaware, so after a while on that road I needed to take a bio. Some signs along the road pointed me to a reststop, or so I thought ... What is a person to think when the sign says "Omni-Tek Bio Facility"?

I went in there, legs crossed, in dire need. Ran around like a headless chicken for a few minutes expecting to see a restroom around every corner. After about 3 minutes I talked to a guard, I remember thinking "What is with so many guards at a restroom?". He was so kind to direct me to one of the few guard-restrooms at the facility after which he informed me that I was a bit off in this being a restroom. He was very kind and not even smirked at me. He even friendly escorted me off the premises.

Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

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  1. Yeah those guards out there are really nice and yeah when I hear Bio facility when I first got to Rubi-ka I thought the same thing. I think they need to rename it or something as to no confuse people.